General Groups


The activities and groups associated with the parish are many and varied. They fall under the broad catagories of spiritual, service, educational and social.

Spiritual activities include various prayer groups: Rosary group, Cenacle of Prayer for Priests and Children's Prayer Group. There is weekly Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament each Friday to foster quiet meditative prayer and to pray for an increase of Vocations to the Priesthood and the Religious LIfe, Vocations Awareness Group, Parish Choir, Choir Support Committee.

Service Groups include: 2 conferences of the St Vincent de Paul Society and a Senior and Junior Praesidium of the Legion of Mary, The Knights of the Southern Cross, Parish Care Group, Parish Play Group.

Educational Groups include Baptism Preparation Courses, Marriage Preparation Courses, Adult Education in Faith Classes, RCIA ( instruction and introduction to the Catholic Faith for those who have not been catholics previously), Atrium of the Good Shepherd, Parents and Friends Associations. Parish Education Board.

Social Groups include the Parish Seniors Group, Philip Neri Group and PFA at both schools.


Also there is the Parish Pastoral Council, the Parish Finance Committee and "The Thanksgiving Campaign Committee".

All of these groups contribute in many ways to defining the parish. Please contact the parish office (03 9583 2103) for further information on these groups.

Parish Social Group: A group to cater for the social needs of senior parishionersimages1
retirees and others. Many activities and interests are offered. Come along and have some fun. Contact Parish Office 9583 2103

Rosary Prayer Group: We pray the Rosary every Thursday morning in response to our Lady's requests. Morning tea and discussion at end of prayers. All are welcome. Contact Parish Office 9583 2103

Sacristans: We foster love for the House of God and labour for its proper adornment and cleanliness. Be a member of our rostered teams. Parish Office 9583 2103

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA): The RCIA, or Catechumenate, process assists those who wish to learn about the Catholic way of life. It enables participants to deepen their faith and apply it to family and parish life. The Catechumenate provides instruction for those who wish to embrace the Catholic faith. Contact Parish Office 9583 2103

St Vincent de Paul Society: We are a society of Catholic men and women who seek to serve the poor and needy in the spirit of St Vincent de Paul, Apostle of Charity. Founded in 1833 by Fredric Oznam the Society now claims 870,000 members in 125 countries. We visit the needy, run the Piety Store and distribute Catholic literature. Members and helpers are involved in the Edithvale Centre. New members welcome! Ann Earle 9583 2103 (St Patrick's) John 0 Donoghue 9580 4279. (St John Vianney's)

St Phillip Neri Group: is a newly formed informal social group for parshioners. Simple social gatherings like movie nights, card nights, supper nights are arranged for parishioners to meet in a friendly and social setting. Parish Office 9583 2103

Social & Community Group: Be involved in assisting with social occassionsby arranging a cup of tea after Mass and other occasions. Contact Parish Office 9583 2103

Play Group: A group for young parents and their children. The St Patrick's playgroup meets Monday 9:15am to 11:00am in the O'Hanlon Centre. $2 per family and BYO snack for children. Tea and Coffee provided. Enquiries Liz Freeman 9585 0146 or Kathryn Ady 9580 6920

Sewing & Crafts Group: If you are skilled seamster, assistance is needed in the care and repair of vestments, linen and altar servers robes. Marjorie Nicholas 9588 1181