Altar Serving: To serve at the altar of Our Lord is a very unique and
privileged ministry.
images5With a long and proud tradition of serving here - why not be a part of it? If you are a male in Grade Three and above you are eligible. Father Michael 9583 2103, Parish Office 9583 2103

Communion to the Sick: Assist the elderly and housebound to receive our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament by bringing Holy Communion to them in their homes. Sr Damian Lai, Pastoral Associate 0410 002 270

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist: Assist the priests to minister the precious Body and blood of Our Lord at the celebration of Mass when there is need. Catholics over the age of 16 are welcome to join the roster. Some training will be necessary. Bob Razga 9583 2806

Ministry of Sacred Music:

'Singing is praying twice' - St Augustine.

Give glory and praise to Almighty God and assist the congregation to pray by being involved in the various parish choirs and musical groups. Myfanwy McIndoe Director of Music: 9583 2103

Procession of Gifts: Recruits needed for each Mass to bring the gifts of bread and wine forward in procession. Parish Office 9583 2103

Readers & Commentators: Take up the important ministry of proclaiming the Word of God at the Sunday Mass. Anyone over the age of 15 who can read clearly and distinctly is welcome to join this ministry. Parish Office 2103